The Independent Music Association, LLC is a multi-faceted entertainment firm offering consulting and marketing services for recording artists and musicians.  As artists & musicians strive to make their mark in the intensely competitive record/music industry, IMA can nurture those efforts by offering sound advice on how to map out a professionally designed campaign for a particular new release - a full length album, extended play album, or maxi-single; also by offering long term career strategies.

The brain trust leading IMA represents more than 100 years of work experience in the record and music industries while continuing to take leadership / active roles in numerous areas of the 21st Century record industry.  Our basic approach is designed to work with any genre of music including Hip-Hop/Rap, Country, Pop, R&B, Rock / Jam Band, Bluegrass, Alternative, Christian and Gospel.

Once an artist/musician joins IMA, we can provide digital distribution as soon as the member has sufficient completed recordings.  Traditional brick and mortar retail distribution can also be provided, but to obtain it requires the member have a sufficiently documented and financed promotion and marketing campaign to run in conjunction with your traditional distributor’s efforts.  Another benefit of membership is that your intellectual property will be protected as IMA teaches you the ins & outs of music publishing and copyright projection.      

The Independent Music Association, LLC is driven by an operating vision that blends the “still essential” parts of the record industry’s old model in with the latest options and opportunities available through the Internet and social networking.

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